Data Science

Trent is a versatile professional with over 10 years of data analytics experience, excelling in leadership, personnel management, and project management. Despite never holding the title of data scientist, he has successfully completed data science projects, including enhancing brewhouse efficiency at MadTree Brewing and strengthening his skills through a Springboard Data Science Certificate.

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Trent is a highly analytical and results-driven professional with over 10 years of experience in data analytics, focusing on uncovering valuable insights and driving informed decision-making. Although he has never held the title of data scientist, Trent has successfully completed several data science projects, particularly at MadTree Brewing, where he showcased his ability to improve brewhouse efficiency and optimize hop combinations for recipe development. To strengthen his data science skills further, he completed the Springboard Data Science Certificate in 2021.

With a strong background in working with data from various fields, Trent has demonstrated expertise in solving complex problems using advanced computational techniques. Alongside his technical prowess, Trent possesses outstanding leadership, personnel management, and project management skills, as evidenced by his experience in managing cross-functional teams, driving continuous improvement initiatives, and establishing professional development programs.

Trent's experience encompasses a wide range of areas, including data analysis and interpretation, quality control and assurance, statistical analysis, data mining, research and development, and gene expression profiling. While working at EMD Serono R&D Institute, Trent focused on data-driven projects that involved analyzing large datasets to identify trends and patterns, further showcasing his problem-solving abilities and making him an effective decision-maker in various projects.

At MadTree Brewing, Trent managed a cross-functional team, implemented continuous improvement initiatives, and established a professional development program for staff. One of his notable achievements was enhancing brewhouse efficiency for the house IPA brand by using Six Sigma methodology and design of experiments (DOE).

Trent holds an MS in Biological Sciences from the University of Cincinnati and a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Saint Louis University. He has also earned a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification from Xavier Leadership Center. With an impressive blend of technical skills and soft skills in leadership, personnel management, and project management, Trent is a valuable asset for any organization seeking a data science analyst.

Data Science Projects

Optimized Beer Distribution: A Data Science Approach with VRPy and Streamlit

This innovative project utilizes data science methodologies, including route optimization algorithms and data analysis, to enhance the efficiency of beer distribution from a depot to various retail locations. By integrating CSV data input, Google Maps API, and the Vehicle Routing Problem with Pick-up and Delivery (VRPPD) solution, it streamlines route optimization and load management.

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