About Me


Trent was raised in Ashland, Ohio, and graduated from Saint Louis University in 2006 with a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering. Afterward, he took a detour into the oil and gas industry as a landman in southeast Kansas, researching titles and negotiating contracts with landowners. In 2009, Trent shifted gears again, moving to Cincinnati to study biology at the University of Cincinnati and to be closer to his future wife, Sarah. They married in 2012, and Trent completed his master's degree in biology in 2013.

Trent's professional journey took him to MadTree Brewing in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he spent over seven years developing the quality program and brewing for the regional brewery. In 2021, he relocated to the Greater Seattle Area and took on a bioinformatics analyst role at EMD Serono until the end of 2022. Trent is now actively seeking new opportunities in bioinformatics, data science, machine learning, and data analytics.

Education and Work Experience

Trent is an analytical and results-driven professional with over 10 years of experience in data analytics. He excels at using statistical analysis and data visualization to uncover valuable insights and drive informed decision-making. With an impressive background in data analysis and visualization through numerous projects, Trent has established expertise in machine learning, employing advanced computational methods to tackle intricate biological and process challenges.

His comprehensive understanding of scientific techniques spans preparation, characterization, testing, evaluation, data analysis, and collection. Trent is proficient in analyzing bulk and single-cell RNA-seq, functional enrichment, and deconvolution. He demonstrates competence in utilizing cloud computing, high-performance computing, and Linux/Ubuntu operating systems.

Areas of Expertise

  • Bioinformatics / Machine Learning
  • Biomarker Discovery / Validation
  • Data Analysis / Interpretation
  • Project / Program Management
  • Continuous Improvement / Innovation
  • Report Writing / Presentation
  • Quality Control / Assurance
  • Gene Expression Profiling
  • Team Development / Leadership
  • Statistical Analysis / Data Mining
  • Problem Solver / Decision Maker
  • Research / Development

Career Experience

Trent's diverse and accomplished career spans various industries and roles, showcasing his adaptability and skills in data science, bioinformatics, machine learning, and data analytics.

As a Bioinformatics Contractor at EMD Serono R&D Institute, Trent played a critical role in the development and implementation of various projects, including the identificatin of response biomarkers in lung and urothelial carcinoma datasets, exploring composite biomarkers for Merkel Cell Carcinoma, and creating RShiny infrastructure for urothelial carcinoma patient data visualization and analysis. He employed advanced computational methods and collaborated with cross-functional teams to tackle complex biological challenges and drive informed decision-making.

Before his tenure at EMD Serono, Trent served as the Quality Manager at MadTree Brewing in Cincinnati, Ohio. In this position, he managed cross-functional teams to develop, execute, and maintain quality management systems and processes. He spearheaded continuous improvement initiatives to maximize effectiveness and guarantee reliable product output. Under Trent's leadership, the brewery experienced significant improvements in efficiency, product consistency, and team performance. He also designed and implemented professional development programs to enhance staff performance and foster growth.

Trent's career journey also includes his time as a Graduate Student, Teaching Assistant, and Research Assistant at the University of Cincinnati, where he gained valuable experience in research and project management. He applied his knowledge of data analysis and interpretation to contribute to impactful research projects and support the academic community.

With a strong foundation in both biology and engineering, Trent's unique background and diverse skill set make him a valuable asset in the fields of bioinformatics, data science, machine learning, and data analytics.


  • MS, Biological Sciences, University of Cincinnati, 2013
  • BS, Aerospace Engineering, Saint Louis University, 2006

Professional Certifications

Publications & Presentations

Trent has an impressive record of publications, presentations, workshops, and webinars from his career. Some of his notable contributions include:





Technical Proficiencies

Trent has expertise in various data analysis techniques, programming languages, data visualization tools, and other skills that make him a valuable asset in any data-driven environment. Some of these proficiencies include R & Bioconductor, Python, SQL, ggplot2, plotly, survminer, ComplexHeatmap, Cytoscape, MatplotLib, Seaborn, RShiny, Design of Experiments (DOE), Statistical Process Control, Hypothesis Testing, Regression, Classification, kNN, Random Forest, K-Means Clustering, Neural Networks, Cloud computing (AWS), High-performance computing (PBS Cluster Computing Environment), and operating systems (Linux/Ubuntu, Windows), as well as version control (GitHub/GitLab).

Personal Interests

Gig Harbor, Washington, USA Outside of his professional pursuits, Trent cherishes spending time with his wife, Sarah, as they explore the beauty of Western Washington. They both relish discovering new trails for hiking and immersing themselves in the splendor of the Puget Sound through boating adventures. Additionally, Trent and Sarah enjoy kayaking on inland lakes whenever they have the opportunity.

Long-eared Owl at Theler Wetlands in Belfair, Washington, USATrent is also passionate about learning how to operate his sailboat, continually tackling the challenges associated with mastering this skill. He has a keen interest in wildlife photography, striving to capture the essence of nature through his lens. In his downtime, Trent loves to unwind with a captivating sci-fi novel, delving into the imaginative worlds crafted by talented authors like Isaac Asimov and Dan Simmons.

In summary, Trent is a highly skilled and experienced professional with a diverse background in bioinformatics, data science, machine learning, and data analytics. With a strong foundation in both technical and leadership skills, Trent is well-equipped to tackle complex challenges and contribute to the success of any organization seeking a versatile and dedicated team member.

Black Oystercatcher at Blakely Rock in Puget Sound, Washington, USA
Gig Harbor, Long-eared Owl, and Black Oystercatcher Photos by Trent Leslie.